RAFT: Southam’s Flood Action Group

Many properties in Southam are affected by flooding when the River Stowe bursts its banks.  Southam has had a flood action group for many years (RAFT = Residents Against Flood Threats) and after another devastating flood in March 2016, the group was ‘re-activated’ during 2017 and has received assistance from the National Flood Forum and Warwickshire County Council in identifying the main areas of concern.  A ‘multi-agency’ meeting took place in August 2017, with many of the agencies involved in the management and monitoring of water courses, including local authority representatives and the Environment Agency.  Several issues were raised that are relevant to Southam’s flooding problems, and further meetings are planned to monitor progress.

The aims of the group are to raise awareness of the problems and causes of flooding in Southam with the relevant agencies and local authorities, particularly in relation to new housing and other developments which may exacerbate Southam’s flooding problem.  It also aims to ensure that Southam residents whose properties are vulnerable to flooding receive the best advice about how best to protect their homes.

The group is affiliated to the National Flood Forum charity, and works closely with Warwickshire County Council’s  Flood Risk Management team and Southam Town Council.

If  you are concerned about the flood risks in Southam, and would like to join the group, please contact us by emailing southamraft@gmail.com