Reiki Harmony with Sarah Packwood

Reiki Harmony with Sarah Packwood
Japanese energy healing to enhance physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing.

I am a practitioner of reiki in the Usui Shiki Ryoho system of reiki at second degree level and a member of the Reiki Association in the UK.

Reiki (ray-key) is Japanese for ‘universal life energy’ and is also used to describe a system of natural healing. We live in a world of energy or ‘chi’ that nourishes and maintains all living things. When this energy flows unhindered, there is balance and harmony within and around us and we experience a sense of well being. Reiki treatments can help the body emotionally, physically or spiritually to heal itself.

I offer reiki treatments at my home here in Long Itchington. If you would like more information or you would like to enquire about availability and rates please call me on 07794 969707. Meanwhile, take a look at my webpage

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