Southam United Charities

This organisation has been assisting residents of Southam Parish for hundreds of years.  It was started in Elizabethan times by local landowners with Manorial rights to alleviate poverty.  Over the years several other smaller charities and bequests have been made and have now been joined together by the Charity Commissioners to form Southam United Charities.

SUC is a registered charity and owns a portfolio of property and investments that yields enough income to help people of our parish in urgent need when there is no other source of assistance available to them.  In straightened times, many families just about manage to keep going financially, but when something unexpected happens it can derail the domestic budget – even to the extent that it can be a struggle to put decent food on the table.

If you know someone who you think may be in acute distress or in desperate need of help then let us know.  SUC does not give out cash but can help with food bills or other emergency payments.  The work of SUC is strictly confidential and, it must be stressed, the Trustees can only make ‘one off’ payments and cannot provide regular income.

Another objective of SUC is to benefit generally the inhabitants of Southam and so it makes a limited number of educational grants each year.  Application Form for Educational Grant: suc-grant-appform-2018

Mary Rouse, Clerk to Southam United Charities, Olympus Avenue, Leamington Spa CV34 6BF